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Melanoma is rare, accounting for roughly 1% of skin cancers, but this form of skin cancer has been growing more common. If you suspect you have a melanoma, rely on the skin cancer specialists at the office of Mark Mehrany, MD, in San Jose or Modesto. Mark Mehrany, MD, a board-certified dermatologist provides advanced techniques in skin cancer surgery and detection.


What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a rare kind of skin cancer that develops in your melanocytes. Melanocytes are the cells that give your skin a brown or tan color. Melanoma occurs when these cells grow uncontrollably. The risk of having melanoma increases with age, as most people with this type of skin cancer are diagnosed at the average age of 65. While melanoma is more common in men, women have higher rates of melanoma before the age of 50 than men. However, you can develop melanoma at any age. Melanoma is a dangerous form of skin cancer because it’s much more likely to spread to other parts of your body than other skin cancers. Catching and treating it early helps to prevent its spread.

Where do melanomas form?

Melanomas may form anywhere on your skin. Women tend to have melanomas on their legs, while men are more likely to have this form of cancer on their chest or back.
Melanomas can also develop on your:
• Mouth
• Eyes
• Genitals
However, having melanoma in one of these areas is less common.

What do melanomas look like?

Melanomas often look like a new spot on your skin or a spot that has changed in color, size, or shape. These types of skin cancer also create unusual spots or patches that look entirely different than any other growth on your skin. If you notice one of these spots, contact the office of Mark Mehrany, MD, to have your skin checked by a skin cancer specialist. Show your provider any mole that you’re unsure of because it's difficult to tell a melanoma from a noncancerous growth.

How is melanoma skin cancer treated?

The skin cancer specialists at Mark Mehrany, MD, tailor your treatment to the stage of the skin cancer, along with other factors. Early-stage melanomas are frequently treated with surgery to remove cancer, but more advanced melanomas may require surgery and other treatments. The team at the office of Mark Mehrany, MD, explains your choices. They answer all of your questions to help you select an effective treatment to free yourself from skin cancer.

If you'd like your skin checked for cancer or you know you have melanoma, call the office of Mark Mehrany, MD today for a consultation with a skin cancer specialist.

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